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It will help our engineers if there is clear access to the area needing to be worked on such as hot press, under the sink and attic. In the case of a boiler service we ask that the heating is turned off for an hour before the scheduled service.

There is no single answer. In many cases a repair can be as expensive as a new boiler.  A new boiler will also be more efficient and be covered by manufacturers warranty. We will always advise our customers on the best option for their home. Where our engineer has diagnosed a fault with your boiler, we will provide a cost for repair. Where we think a new boiler may be a more cost effective option we will also provide a quote to replace.

We will take care of activating your warranty with the manufacturer.  Where we have your email address you will receive a digital copy of the registration details and expiry date.

All manufacturers require that your boiler is serviced once a year.

Yes.  Our engineers will remove and dispose of any equipment which we have replaced.

Zoning can save you money and allows you to set and control time and temperature individually for different zones.  In a typical 3 zone system there would one zone for upstairs, a second for downstairs and a third for the hot water.

Thermostatic Rad Valves (TRV) are individual controls for your radiators, they regulate the amount of heat going into a radiator according to the temperature in the room.  TRV’s are particularly useful in bedrooms where the temperature required may be different than the main living areas.

Remote access is a way of controlling heating remotely through an app which communicates with your clock through wifi.  Once installed there is no monthly subscription costs as the app leverages your phone data or wifi to speak to the receiver. Remote access is particularly useful where your daily schedule can’t be predefined such as those which work a shift pattern or if to ensure there is hot water for showers when returning home from Saturday morning training.

A chemical flush involves placing chemical cleanser into your system and flushing it around your system using the boiler.  Where a magnetic filter has been installed, any debris will be caught in the filter.  A chemical flush can be effective where there is no significant build up of sludge in your central heating system.

During a power flush chemicals are placed into your system and a power flushing machine is used to pump the chemicals around your system at a high velocity.  The dirt filled water from your heating systems is replaced with clean water and inhibitor.  A full flush of your heating system can take a number of hours but is the most effective way of removing sludge build up in your heating system.

A power flush does not cause a leak on a heating system however it can highlight a preexisting weakness.  In some cases the sludge which is causing the problem can actually be masking an issue in the system which will show as a leak once the blockage has been removed with the flush.